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Not for Profit

As you are aware, not-for-profit organizations are being scrutinized more closely than ever before. Regulators, potential donors and members, the media, government agencies and others, all want to know if your organization is fulfilling its mission and complying with applicable laws, regulations and fiduciary responsibilities. Our goal is to help our not-for-profit clients get the most benefit out of limited resources, while at the same time benefit from changes due Federal regulation. Banks & Associates, CPAs has a solid reputation of providing accounting, audit and tax services to the not-for-profit organizations that live and grow in our communities; a reputation built on technical experience, education and a financial partnership that goes well beyond your typical expectations from a CPA firm.

Banks & Associates, CPAs takes the not-for-profit industry seriously. Thus, our not-for-profit staffs have in-depth knowledge of the non-profit accounting and all the related tax matters.

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